Elements settings let you customize your form even more with additional fields.

To add a new element, select the plus symbol next to Elements directly in the form widget, and choose one of the available options.

Once added, a pop-up will appear for you to customize your elements to your needs. You can make these fields optional or required.

Note: Bueno does not verify element information.

Elements Available

Elements can be used to collect additional data about your users. As we expand Bueno Forms, this list may update periodically. We'll go over each element and show you how they can be applied to your form.

Text and Number

Use this element to collect data about your users, including items such as name, address or phone number. These fields are helpful for generating lists for sending swag or text alerts. You can also ask open-ended questions to discover more about your users.


Email requirements can be set in order to vet submissions or collect contact information to send important updates and/or marketing emails.

Checkboxes and Selections

Checkboxes and selections can be used for closed-ended yes or no questions or multiple-choice selections. Use these to gather additional data about your users within your required parameters.

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