Bueno Forms offers several different options to gate allowlist entries. On the Validations page, you can enable the requirements you want, or disable the requirements that you do not.

Validations Available

As we expand Bueno Forms, this list may update periodically. We'll go over what each validation means, and how they can be applied to your form.


Balance requirements are useful for collecting wallets for mint allowlists. This will ensure that everyone on your list has enough ETH to actually mint your NFT on your mint day, and prevents limited spots from being taken up by wallets unable to mint.

NFT Requirements

Yes, Bueno Forms offers token gating! This is a great way to offer utility to a previous project or build partnerships with other NFT communities by granting exclusive access to holders of a particular collection. You can select multiple collections, and users signing up must have at least one NFT from at least one of the listed collections.

Discord Role

Does your Discord have roles for multiple or cross-community holders? What about roles to reward active community engagement? Discord role requirements are another way to offer exclusivity to these smaller groups within your community or partnered communities.
Additionally, Bueno Forms also has Discord integration to seamlessly share forms in your server. For more information, check out this tutorial.

Twitter (Coming soon)

With this setting, users will be required to authenticate their Twitter account in order to sign up with your form. Twitter verification can prevent automated bot sign-ups and single users using multiple entries with different wallets.