Connect your allowlist to your contract directly in Bueno.

Pre-sale allowlists are encouraged to prevent bots from compromising your mint and hoarding your supply. Allowlists for mints can also be a great way to reward your community or provide utility for other projects by granting exclusive access. Below, we'll show you how easy it is to integrate Bueno Forms into your smart contract!

Using Forms with Bueno Smart Contract

If you’re using Bueno Forms to create an allowlist for your Bueno smart contract, you can select it directly from the contract settings before you deploy. From Token Pricing, scroll down and enable Pre-Sale Allowlist. Then, navigate to Select an Allowlist, and find your list from the options below.

You can pause and change your allowlist at any time after your contract has been deployed. However, you must deploy with an allowlist in order to add or change one after deployment.

Allowlist changes can be made by navigating to the contract’s Management page and scrolling down to Pre-Sale Details. Select your allowlist to bring up the allowlist management window. Click your new allowlist and pay gas to sync with your contract!

Any changes to a current allowlist will also require gas to sync.

You can learn more about adding allowlists in our contract deployer tutorial.

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