For Collectors

Learn more about the different types of Bueno verification
Bueno offers a couple of ways for creators to share pertinent information (such as social media links) with collectors (you!). As someone buying into a digital collectible project, you probably want to also find the most accurate information about who the creator is! Below is more information about the different types of verification & badges.
A project can verify their social links but it doesn't mean the project is a good investment or endorsed by Bueno. Please remember to research a project before purchasing.

Social Proof

Social Proof verification is a way for a project or artist to share their project or personal social links. A project that has added verified social links will have a badge along with the verified links contained inside.
To receive this badge, users are required to authenticate into Bueno with their Twitter or Discord accounts. When verifying a Project's Discord, the creator is only able to select a server that they manage.
When you see the Shield for a project or artist, you can click on it to view the verified account(s).
Example of Profile verification
Example of Project verification
Additional verification types are coming soon.