Step 3: Launch

Once your collectible settings are complete, it's time to drop it! Select the Continue button to deploy your ERC1155 contract.

Manage Collection

After you launch, you can view and edit your collection at any time from your Bueno dashboard.

You can continue to edit metadata and/or mint settings after launch. Keep in mind, once a collectible is minted, certain settings are locked in and can't be changed.

Once a token has been minted (eg, purchased by a collector, or airdropped), the following things cannot change:

  • Title

  • Description

  • Traits

  • Image

  • Supply (limited collection)

  • Start / End Date

At any point, the following things can be changed:

  • Purchase price of the token

  • Allowlist associated with the token

Like other ERC-1155 open editions, you can add new collectibles to your collection at any time!

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