Bueno Drops

Step 4: Mint

With Bueno Drops, your collectors will be able to mint their tokens directly from your Bueno collection page. In this section, we will walk you through the minting process for your drops.
First, you'll navigate to the Page tab. This will take you to the page editor.
To start editing, just click directly on the areas that you'd like to customize. For more information on what can be customized on the page, check out our Drops Collection Page doc.
When you are done customizing your page, simply select the Publish button in your collection tool bar. Here, you can customize your page url and set your page to public view by hitting the toggle on the right.
Now that the page is published, share your link, and your collectors can start minting! To purchase a token, navigate to the Tokens section of the collection page by selecting the tab or the View Tokens button in the minting widget.
Then, users will simply select the collectable they wish to mint and complete the transaction via their connected wallet.
Remember - while price and allowlists can be edited at any time, supply & minting dates cannot be altered once a token is first minted.
Once a token has been minted (eg, purchased by a collector, or airdropped), the following things cannot change:
  • Title
  • Description
  • Traits
  • Image
  • Supply
  • Start / End Dates
At any point, the following things can be changed:
  • Purchase price of the token
  • Allowlist associated with the token
To make changes, go to your Manage page and select the token you wish to edit.
To save and apply your new settings, select Republish. You will be asked to pay a small gas fee to sync the changes. Keep in mind only the deployer wallet can make changes to a contract's mint and metadata settings.