Set limits on time and supply, allowlists and price.

With Bueno Drops' ERC-1155 contract, you can display and sell as many copies of each piece as you'd like! In addition, Bueno lets you assign other mint parameters such as time-limit, supply limits, wallet maximums, allowlists and price.

Like metadata settings, mint settings can be edited anytime before mint begins. To make changes after launch, navigate to the Manage tab and select the token you'd like to edit.

Any mint settings - including price changes, wallet maximums, schedule changes and allowlist changes - will require a small gas fee to sync those changes to the contract.

At any point, the following things can be changed:

  • Purchase price of the token

  • Allowlist associated with the token

Once a token has been minted (e.g., purchased by a collector or airdropped), the following things cannot change:

  • Title

  • Description

  • Traits

  • Image

  • Supply (for limited edition collections)

  • Start/end date/time

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