Bueno Drops

Serial Releases

Like other ERC-1155 open editions, you can add new collectables to your collection at anytime!
To add a new token release to your collection, navigate to the collection management page and select Add Tokens + in the upper right.
You can add new tokens individually, or you can add them as a group in a folder. Then, simply deploy your new collectables!
Remember, the same rules apply to all tokens - once a collectable is minted, certain settings are locked in and can't be changed.
Once a token has been minted (eg, purchased by a collector, or airdropped), the following things cannot change:
  • Title
  • Description
  • Traits
  • Image
  • Supply (limited edition collections)
At any point, the following things can be changed:
  • Purchase price of the token
  • Allowlist associated with the token