Bueno Drops offers many of the same features offered by our classic deployer, along with new features only allowed by the ERC-1155 multi-token standard.

With Bueno Drops, you can:

💸 Create ready-to-go drop pages.

Get a customizable collection page where supporters can buy your art.

⏰ Give collectors early access.

Link an allowlist for top collectors to access your drop before others.

🫵 Own your smart contract.

Enjoy true ownership of gas-optimized smart contracts.

🎨 Add new art as you go.

Keep adding new art to your existing collection with a click.

🔒 Feel safe and secure.

Our contracts are audited by 0xMacro to ensure security and reliability.

⛓️ Set up on-chain revenue split .

Work with others on a drop and automatically split primary sales (mint) revenue on-chain.

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