The settings page provides personalization options for the form including background image, color and page content like descriptions and confirmation messages. This is also where you will set your form to public view.


The general settings will allow you to customize your form's appearance and set security measures.

Design and Style

Here, you can set the main color and banner image for your form. You'll also have the option to tile your background image.


The confirmation setting lets you customize the message for your users once they have successfully registered for your form. Additionally, you can create a button to link to a webpage of your choice.


Create extra security from bots with security settings for password and captcha protection.
You can lock your form with a password of your choice. Then, you can privately share the password with members of your community. You can update this password at any time.
Bueno highly recommends the optional Captcha setting to avoid automated users, such as bots.


The share settings page is where you can set your form url and get your form ready for publication.


General share settings are reserved for setting your form's url slug. Make it something easy, like your project's name, or create something more complex and share with a smaller community. You can change this slug at any time.
Once you've set your slug, you can publish and preview your form by selecting the View Form button at the top right.
You will only be able to view your form preview once you publish. Users will not be able to submit until you allow submissions in the next section.

Public Form

Public settings can be accessed once you choose your form slug.
Once you're happy with your preview, you can turn on submissions with the Allow Submissions toggle. Forms also provide the option to allow wallets to submit multiple times.
If you plan to use a Discord or Microverse integration, you can also create an integration secret and form ID in the Public Form settings.
Now, you can start sharing your link and collecting wallets!