Step 2: Customize Settings

Once your art is imported into Bueno, you'll be taken to your collection customization page.

Setup Drop

You can begin by customizing your Drop setup. To get started, simply select your collection title to bring up the settings side bar.

Here, you can select from Ethereum or Polygon networks, and set your collection's title and symbol. This is also where you will be able to set up your mint revenue wallet(s) and percentage splits if needed, along with your secondary market royalties percent and royalty collector wallet.

Collectable Settings

Next, you'll customize the settings for each of your collectables. To get started, simply select the collectable you would like to edit.

From there, a window will pop up with all available settings, starting with collectable title and description. This is also where you will set supply, set price and replace the artwork image, if needed.


Want to add traits your your collectables? Bueno Drops offers fully customizable trait metadata. Simply add a property and enter in the attribute category name and trait name.

If you have multiple traits in a single attribute category, those traits will automatically be grouped together when using marketplace trait filters. The same goes for collectables with the same traits.


From the Schedule section, you can set a time frame for your mint. If you don't need a time frame, you can select "Closes: Never."


From Limits, you can set the per wallet maximum. This is also where you can attach an allowlist from Bueno Forms, or directly upload a CSV of your allowlist.

Mint Page Settings

You can also edit your mint page settings before you drop. Simply select the Edit icon below Links and About.

From Links, you can add various links for your collection, including Twitter and Discord. This is also where you can verify your project. This requires at least one social media connection.

From About, you'll be able to include a brief description for your collection for people to view on your mint page.

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