Bueno Drops


Create a collection in seconds - just drag and drop!
With Bueno Drops, displaying and selling your art is easier than ever!
Creators can now make a collection in seconds by simply dragging and dropping their art pieces into Bueno. Then, customize your collection, deploy your contract and violá! Time to share your collection page - your art is ready to mint!
Bueno Drops deploy ERC-1155 multi-token standard contracts, only. For our ERC-721A standard contract designed for minting unique tokens, read docs on Bueno's Generator and Smart Contract Deployer.

Drop with ERC-1155 🎤🔥

Unlike our classic smart contract deployer, Bueno Drops uses the ERC-1155 multi-token standard. With 1155, you can display and sell as many copies of each piece as you'd like. Fully harness the power of Drops to create hype with limited releases, and drop new art pieces into your collections at any time. 1155 makes it possible!

Open Editions

With an unlimited supply and a scheduled end date, you can drop your collectibles with ease and confidence. Whether you're starting small or going big, share your unique vision with the world.

Limited Editions

Make your drops even more unique with a fixed number of redeemable collectibles. Limited releases motivate your collectors to buy.

Let's Get Started!

In this doc, we will walk you through the process and all the features Bueno Drops has to offer.
Last modified 8mo ago