Creating/Importing Your Allowlist

Bueno supports importing allowlists from an external CSV (in case you collected wallets with an outside service), but you can also collect wallets through Bueno Forms!

Once you begin creating your contract, you'll be able to select or import your allowlist. If you collected wallets with Bueno Forms, you'll be able to find them in the dropdown menu. Otherwise, you can import a CSV by clicking Add New.

To get started, create a sale phase (described in Step 2: Pricing and Sale Phases) and click the "Allowlist" toggle.

Mint Maximums with Allowlist

Want to set wallet mint maxes for your allowlist? Just add an additional column to your allowlist. Then, set the wallet max with the corresponding wallet address. The wallets in your allowlist can have the same wallet max, or different wallet max allotments. Once you're done, the allowlist should look something like this:

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