Smart Contract Deployer

Updating Allowlist During Mint

If your list wasn't finalized when you deployed your contract, or you realized you forgot to add a bunch of collectors, don't worry! Bueno lets you update your contract, there are just a few important things to keep in mind.
Note: If you deployed your contract with an allowlist, you cannot remove the allowlist from your pre-sale phase; however, you can change it. Read on to learn more.

Adding individual wallets to the existing allowlist

In case you only have a handful of wallets to add to your list, you can add them one by one. Find your allowlist form in Bueno under the "Forms" tab, navigate to the "Responses" section, and click "Add New Entry."
Then, you can update your contract with a new export "snapshot" of your Bueno Forms allowlist.
Important: Once your allowlist changes, you will need to sync these changes back to your contract. This will cost a gas fee as it requires a blockchain transaction. See Syncing Allowlist below for more information

Switching to a Different Allowlist

Being able to switch from one allowlist to another is a powerful feature that will allow you to offer multi-phased pre-sales. For example, imagine people on Allowlist A get a free mint, so you start your presale with a price of 0 ETH. After a few hours, it's time for Allowlist B to get to mint, but they have to pay. To do this, you'd pause your sale, update the price, switch to Allowlist B, and then reopen your sale.
To switch to a different allowlist, start by clicking on the allowlist link on your contract management page. This will bring up a modal where you'll be able to choose a new allowlist. From this screen, you can either select the new allowlist from the dropdown menu, or import a new one from a CSV as you might have done in the contract deployment step.
Once you make this selection, you will be prompted by your wallet to pay gas to sync that change to your contract.

Syncing Allowlist to Contract

If your allowlist changes, your smart contract needs to know about it.
Once you select a new allowlist, Bueno will automatically prompt you to pay gas to sync it to your contract.
Your Bueno minting page & embeddable mint widget will automatically be updated to use this new allowlist.