Step 3: Revenue Split and Royalties

Note: While price, sale state and allowlists can be changed after deployment with a gas fee, revenue split cannot be changed after deployment.

Primary Sales (Mint)

When your users mint their tokens, this is considered a primary sale. By default, Bueno will configure that 95% of the minting proceeds go to the wallet you are connected with, while the remaining 5% goes to Bueno as a service fee. If you don't charge for your tokens, this section will not be relevant to you and can be ignored.

If you would like greater control into how primary sale proceeds are distributed, you can add up to 4 wallets to split the fees. Keep in mind the final percentages must add up to 100%.

Secondary Sales (Royalties)

Once a token is minted in the primary sale phase, it will automatically begin to appear on most popular marketplaces, including OpenSea. This will let your token holders re-sell the tokens they minted from you, and as the creator of those tokens, you can specify a royalty percentage that should be paid to a wallet of your choosing.

Some marketplaces will automatically enforce the royalty percentage you've set, but others may not. Additionally, some marketplaces may require a request to list on their marketplace.

Most creators will primarily use OpenSea to collect royalties. Keep reading for more information about OpenSea's latest royalties update!

OpenSea's Operator Filter Registry Update for Bueno Contracts

As of November 8, 2022, OpenSea is enforcing on-chain royalties with their Operator Filter Registry. If you do not opt-in, OpenSea will still list your collection, but they will not enforce royalties settings.

You can opt into it by toggling on Enforce Royalties when deploying the contract. This will subscribe you to OpenSea's Operator Filter Registry to prevent your tokens from being traded on marketplaces that do not enforce creator royalties.

You can learn more about the change in OpenSea's official support docs.

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