Contract Page Overview

The contract management page has all the functionality needed to manage your drop without having to be a tech wizard! You can access the contract management page from the Launch section of your collection. Here, you'll also be able to manage your tokensets and customize your minting experience.

Here you'll be able to change certain things once your contract is deployed, such as minting maximums, allowlist settings and price.

You'll also be able to change the state of your sale (Open -> Pre-Sale (if applicable) -> Public Sale), withdraw any accrued funds, verify your contract on Etherscan and more.

Note: After your smart contract is deployed, it may still be possible to edit tokens and metadata - only with help from Bueno support. Once minting has started, Bueno cannot make changes to your token set without changing what has already been minted. We strongly recommend that you triple-check every detail of your contract before you deploy.

You can view your contract on Etherscan at any time, by clicking the tan link next to your contract name at the top.

To learn more about each feature, continue on!

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