Going to Mainnet

If you made it here, congratulations! You've successfully gone through a Testnet deploy, played around with the different management options available in the Bueno dashboard, and are ready to do the real thing.

If you aren't quite ready yet or discovered an issue while testing on a testnet, don't worry! You can go back to the "Deploy" tab, tweak any settings necessary, and then re-deploy your contract to a testnet.

Note: After your smart contract is deployed, it may still be possible to edit tokens and metadata - only with help from Bueno support. Once minting has started, Bueno cannot make changes to your token set without changing what has already been minted. We strongly recommend that you triple-check every detail of your contract before you deploy.

Once you've triple-checked everything, you can select Deploy to Mainnet.

You will be directed to the deploy page once again, but this time for mainnet. As a reminder of what this step entails, check out Step 5: Deploying Your Contract.

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