Smart Contract Deployer


In the Sales section of the contract manager, you can edit price and wallet/transaction maximums by selecting the pencil icons next to each value. You'll also be able to move from one sale state to the next, and withdraw funds accrued during your mint.

Sale State

Initially, your contract will be deployed in the "closed" state. This means that no one will be able to mint tokens until you update the sale state. To advance to pre-sale (or public sale, depending on your drop), click the Closed button and select the phase you want to transition to.
You will need to pay gas for this transaction. You can open and re-close your sale at any time.


This queries your smart contract to see how much ETH it has accumulated from your primary sale. You can withdraw these funds at any time by clicking the "Withdraw" button. This will distribute the funds according to the rules you specified in the revenue step of the contract creation process. You will need to pay gas for this transaction.
Note: Revenue split cannot be changed after deployment.