Sale Management

In the Phases & Sales section of the contract manager, you can edit the price, max per wallet, allowlist, and name of each phase. You can also start/stop/end phases at any time.

An example contract with 2 phases active simultaneously

This is also where you can airdrop any tokens before, during or after your sale.

Starting a Phase

Initially, all of your phases will start in a paused state, to prevent anyone from minting until you're ready to start your sale. At any time, you can select your phase(s), and "Open" them to begin the minting process.

You will need to pay gas for this transaction. You can open and re-close your sale at any time.

Pausing a Phase

To pause a phase and prevent people from minting further tokens, you can select your phase(s) and choose the "Pause" option.

Ending a Phase

To irreversibly close a phase, you will select the "End Phase" option for your phase(s). This will transfer any unminted tokens into Bueno's default "Public Sale" phase. Once you end a phase, it cannot be reopened.

Since this phase had no mints, all 100 tokens are transferred into the "Public Sale".

Editing a Phase

To edit a phase, simply hover over the phase with your mouse. A pencil will appear, allowing you to make changes to the phase settings.

Global Limits

If you want to add/change the global max per wallet, you can do so by clicking the gear icon. This will bring up a menu to add/remove/change the global max per wallet.

As a reminder, the global max per wallet tracks mints across all phases, including public.

Contract Balance

This queries your smart contract to see how much ETH it has accumulated from your primary sale. You can withdraw these funds at any time by clicking the "Withdraw" button. This will distribute the funds according to the rules you specified in the revenue step of the contract creation process. You will need to pay gas for this transaction.

Note: Revenue split cannot be changed after deployment.

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