Below is the list of features that the Smart Contract Deployer currently supports:
  • ERC-721A NFTs on the Ethereum, Base or Polygon networks
  • Royalty enforcement compatible with OpenSea's requirements.
  • As many minting phases as you need for your drop
  • Simultaneous minting phases (let your collectors mint everything they're eligible for, eg 2x free 2x paid)
  • Configurable prices in each phase of sale (including support for free mints)
  • Configurable per-wallet maximums for each phase of the sale, including maximums set at the wallet level.
  • Import an allowlist, or use a Bueno Form, to control who can mint
  • Minting tools to facilitate your mint without needing to write any code
  • Multiple reveal types: Instant Reveal or Delayed Reveal
  • On-chain royalty metadata via EIP-2981
  • Withdraw primary sale proceeds to multiple wallet addresses
  • Bulk airdrop tokens to wallets of your choosing
  • Burnable tokens
Let's jump in to creating your first contract with Bueno!