What to Know Before You Deploy

Please read to learn important information you should know before you deploy your contract!

Once your contract is deployed, there are certain changes that cannot be made without deploying a new contract.

Once deployed, you cannot:

  • Add a new mint phase.

  • Edit the supply of a mint phase.

  • Alter primary mint sales revenue split.

  • Change from instant reveal to delayed reveal.

Additionally, some changes to the contract can only be made with limitations.

This means while changes can be made, they will require modification outside of the Bueno app that we may not be able to assist with.

These changes include:

  • Setting new royalties percentage and royalties collection wallet.

  • Changing the owner of the contract.

  • Modifying token images and/or token trait metadata without completely changing already minted tokens.

  • Subscribing or unsubscribing to the Opensea Operator Filter Registry.

Unfortunately, we have no way of refunding gas fees associated with contract deployment. We recommend double (or triple!) checking every aspect of your contract before you commit to deployment.

As user needs may differ depending on the project, this may not be a comprehensive list of changes that can't be made after deployment. If you are unsure, please reach out to support before you deploy.

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