Step 2: Pricing and Sale Phases

With the Bueno deployer, you can set up as many sale phases as you want, while also allowing you to run multiple simultaneously. This way, you can tailor your drop to be as sophisticated or simple as you want.

All sale phases have customizable options for price, supply and per wallet maximums. For more information about what each customization field means, skip to the end of the doc here.

Once your contract is deployed, you can still update certain settings about your phases. The only thing you cannot change is the supply. You can also activate/pause different sale phases at any time.

Note: While price, sale state, max per wallet, and allowlists can be changed after deployment with a gas fee, supply cannot be changed after deployment.

After your pricing is set, Bueno will calculate your approximate earnings on the right.

Minting Phases

With the Bueno deployer, you can set up multiple sale phases during your pre-sale period to run at the same time. This way, you can attach several allowlists with various settings.

If you intend to have at least one pre-sale phase for your minting, select + Add to create a new mint phase. A settings modal will pop up so you can customize your phase name, supply, price, per wallet maximum. This is also where you will attach any allowlists needed for your phases.

Phases can be created with or without allowlists, and you can update the pricing at any time after the contract is deployed.

If your tokens are free, we strongly suggest that you use an allowlist for your pre-sale to prevent bots from draining your supply.


If you collected a list of wallets that you want to ensure are the only ones allowed to mint in your sale phases, you can toggle on the allowlist feature. If you created an allowlist with Bueno Forms, you will be able to easily connect that list here.

Bueno uses a Merkle Tree to build the allowlist, to help you save on gas fees.

If you have a list that you collected without Bueno, you can also upload that here by selecting + Create New List. You can either upload your list as a CSV file or enter the wallets manually.

Just like with price, you can update or completely change your allowlist any time after the contract is deployed.

Addresses that appear in multiple allowlists will see all available minting options when they connect. If a user is not on an allowlist, they will not see the additional pre-sale minting phases listed once they connect.

Public Sale

Once you activate the public sale, anyone can mint your tokens. Supply does not need to be set for public sale - by default, it will use whatever tokens weren't allocated to a sale phase. If a sale phase doesn't mint out, you can "end" the phase, transferring the remaining supply into your public phase.

Sale Phase Customizations


Enter the ETH value for your different sale phases here. If you want to support a free mint in either the presale or public sale, you can toggle the price off. If your tokens are free, we strongly suggest that you use an allowlist for your pre-sale to prevent bots from draining your supply.


This is the total amount of tokens that can be minted from your smart contract. For a pre-sale, this number must be smaller than your public sale supply. For public sale, this value is capped at the total number of tokens that you generated with Bueno.

Per-Wallet Maximum

This is the total number of tokens that can be minted per wallet address. If you want to ensure each person is only allowed to mint a certain number of tokens, enter a value here.

Global Limits

While you can set various wallet maximums across your sale phases, you'll also have the option to set a universal wallet maximum for convenience. If you have both a phase wallet max and a global wallet max, both will be checked before a user can mint.

Global max will override a phase max. This means that if the global max (ex: 1) is set lower than the phase max (ex: 2), the collector will only be able to mint the amount set in the global max (1).

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