Step 4: Features

The Bueno Contract Deployer provides two optional features for users - delayed reveal and burn functionality. We'll walk through both features and how they work.

Note: If you deploy without delayed reveal or burnable tokens turned on, you cannot add them without deploying a new contract.

Delayed Reveal

If you want to create a sense of anticipation/suspense for your token minters, you can turn on Delayed Reveal. During this step, you can upload your placeholder image. Your token metadata will be the placeholder image until you decide to reveal.

When you're ready, you can reveal your tokens from the contract management page.

We recommend uploading a placeholder image that is at least 750px by 750px for the best-quality display on Opensea.

To view changes in marketplaces such as Opensea, make sure your holders hit "refresh metadata."

If you turn delayed reveal off, your tokens will be revealed to users as they are minted. Tokens that haven't yet been minted will be hidden until they are minted.

Burnable Tokens

The burn feature enables a holder to remove their token from circulation while reducing the supply on the contract. If you just transfer a token to a burn address without the burn function, the total supply on the contract won't change, that token will just no longer be tradeable.

Note: The toggle makes it so that the "burn" function on the contract can be called. Builders still have to build something that makes use of the burn mechanism.

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