Metadata Management

In this section, you will be able to manage your token metadata. Once you deploy on the mainnet, this is also where you will be able to reveal your tokens if you turned on delayed reveal during contract creation.

Read on to learn more about each section of the metadata manager.

Metadata Protection

This section will only appear if you are managing a contract that is deployed to a testnet. This is enabled by default, to prevent your token metadata from leaking while you are performing tests. If you aren't concerned with a metadata leak, you can toggle it off, and your metadata/images will be as they would be during your Mainnet minting.

Reveal Tokens

If you chose to do a delayed reveal, this is where you can switch your artwork to a "revealed" state. All unminted tokens will remain hidden until they are minted.

Token Metadata Preview

This is a handy link to view the metadata of Token #1. If the token hasn't been minted yet, you will not be able to see any metadata. You will see placeholder metadata if you are doing a delayed reveal. You will see the actual metadata for Token #1 if you are doing an instant reveal.

Metadata Hosting

To facilitate different reveal mechanics, metadata is initially hosted by Bueno. At any time you can switch your metadata/images to be hosted on IPFS. This is strongly encouraged once your minting has concluded, as Bueno cannot guarantee the indefinite hosting of your assets. To learn more about uploading to IPFS, check our guide.

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