Smart Contract Deployer


The Minting section of the contract management page is where you can customize either a Bueno-hosted minting page or a minting widget for your website. This is also where you will be able to airdrop tokens if needed.

Minting Tools

Now that you have a smart contract, you might be wondering how to mint your NFTs. If you have a web developer, you can provide them with your deployed smart contract and they can create a unique checkout experience. But if you don't have a web developer, we have a couple of easy-to-use options!
Tip: Minting can be done directly from the contract via Etherscan as long as you don't have an allowlist associated with the minting phase.

Bueno-powered minting page

We offer a couple of customization options (more coming soon!) to get started with a fully hosted minting page. You can upload a thumbnail and background image, customize the button color, and add rich text to describe your project. The end result looks something like this:
Screenshot of an example minting page (

Embeddable Mint Widget

The Bueno mint widget lets you host the minting experience from your own website, without having to worry about the code involved in the minting process. Simply customize the button to your liking, copy the embed code, and insert it onto your webpage.
Note: The embed code will change depending on whether or not your contract is deployed to Testnet or Mainnet. If you copied the testnet code for your website, make sure to update it with the mainnet code once you deploy your contract.

Token Airdrop

Need to gift some tokens to yourself/your team? Want to send some tokens for free to prominent members of your community? The Airdrop feature will let you do this.
You can airdrop to a single wallet, or you can configure a CSV list to bulk airdrop to multiple addresses. Just specify the number of tokens and the wallet address(es), and then click Airdrop. This will require you to pay gas to mint the tokens to the specified wallets.
Tip: Airdropping allows you to bypass all minting restrictions (like max per wallet or per transaction). It also works even if the sale is closed. You only have to pay for gas.