Smart Contract Deployer


Bueno's Smart Contract Deployer makes it easy to deploy an ERC721A smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain, with no-code. The ERC-721 standard is designed for minting unique tokens, which works perfectly for the art that you generate with Bueno.
Contracts are deployed from your wallet, giving you full ownership over the contract and operations, once it is deployed.
The deployer is free to use, you just pay gas to deploy. If you choose to sell your tokens, Bueno will take 5% of primary sales, while secondary royalties are 100% controlled by you.
Note: In order to use the Bueno Smart Contract deployer, you need to first generate a collection in Bueno. Don't worry if you already have art prepared; generations for 1/1 and pre-generated collections are totally free!
Last modified 1mo ago