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No website? No problem!
Don't have the time or resources to build your own website for your project? No worries! The Bueno Page Editor is an easy-to-use tool to help creators set up an informative webpage that doubles as a mint site in just minutes!
Let's walk through all the customizable options to help you get started!
Navigate to the page editor by selecting Page in the collection tool bar. You can also access the page editor directly from the minting tools page.
To start editing, just click directly on the areas that you'd like to customize. You can set page images, page title and connect your social links.
To customize page settings such as title, description and accent color, navigate to the cog symbol in the upper right.
Finally, you can edit your dynamic mint widget by hovering over the widget header image area and selecting the cog icon. The widget has general settings as well as pre-mint settings.
When you are done customizing your page, simply select the Publish button in your collection tool bar. Here, you can customize your page url and set your page to public view by hitting the toggle on the right.
Now that you're published, share your link, and you can open you mint! Once you open your mint phases, your collectors will be able to select the widget and begin to mint their tokens.
If you have included phases with allowlists set, collectors will only be able to view the phases that their wallet can mint.
As tokens are minted, they will appear in the tokens section of the page, to the right of the home page.
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