Bueno Guide to Gas Prices

Uncover the hidden costs of creating a collection.

Crypto gas prices are in constant flux. Taking gas fees into account is an important part of any creator (and collector!) budget.

We've created this gas guide to help our creators estimate gas fees for common transactions you'll make while launching your collection in Bueno.

About Gas Fees

The Basics of Gas Fees

The mechanics of gas fees can get pretty complicated, but you really just need to know the basics.

Each of the transactions you make with your wallet - including transfers/sales, purchases, and deployments - need fuel to finalize and record on the blockchain.

The amount of gas needed depends on the complexity of the transaction - just like the amount of gas needed in a car depends on the length and terrain of your road trip!

Gas prices are listed in GWEI. 1 GWEI is equivalent to 10^-9 or 0.000000001 ETH. You can keep track of gas prices using Etherscan’s gas tracker.

How to Calculate Gas Fees

To get an estimation of your gas fees, you’ll simply multiply the gas units needed to complete a transaction by the current gas price.

transaction units x gas price = gas fee

Common Bueno Transactions

TransactionGas Units

Contract Deployment (ERC-721A)


Drops Deployment (ERC-1155)

~600,000 for a token with any supply + ~100,000 for each additional token on the contract



Airdrop (Single Wallet)


ETH Transfer


Airdrop (and mint) gas fees have less to do with the number of NFTs being dropped, and more about the number of wallets involved in the transfer.

For example, airdropping 10 NFTs to 1 wallet will be about the same as if you were airdropping 1 NFT to 1 wallet. However, dropping 10 NFTs to 10 wallets will cost much more.

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