Bueno Art Generator and Smart Contract Deployer (ERC-721A)

At 0.00009 ETH per token, Bueno Generator pricing is simple and straightforward - no subscriptions, no passes and no pricing tiers - and Bueno doesn’t charge until you are ready to export your final batch of tokens.

Sample Pricing Guide:

1 token is 0.00009

100 tokens is 0.009 ETH

1,000 tokens is 0.09 ETH

10,000 tokens is 0.9 ETH

Bueno users have access to unlimited preview generations. We encourage creators to double (or triple!) check token images and metadata before paying for a generation export.

Realized you made a mistake and already paid? Do not worry! Just contact Bueno support. For small changes, we'll regenerate a new tokenset for no additional cost.

The best part of our pricing? There are no additional upfront costs! Our contract deployer takes 5% of primary sales only. Plus, features such as Forms, Collection Pages, Minting Tools and Buenoverse are all included for free!

In order to use our contract deployer, users must generate a tokenset with the Bueno Generator, even if they generated the art else where. For more information, read about our custom uploader for pre-generated and 1/1 collections.

Bueno Drops Deployer (ERC-1155)

The Drops deployer is also free to use, you just pay gas to deploy. If you choose to sell your tokens, Bueno will take 5% of primary sales, while secondary royalties are 100% controlled by you.

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