Creating a Bueno Account

Connect your email or wallet to log in to your Bueno account.
Creating a Bueno account is super simple! You can choose to sign up for a Bueno account with your email, or Bueno can connect directly to your Ethereum wallet for authentication.

Email Sign In

To sign in with your email, select the option and choose to continue with your Google account, or sign up with your email address.
If you choose not to connect directly with your Google account, Bueno will send a code to your email address so you can finish signing in.
Using the power of Magic, Bueno will assign an Ethereum wallet to your account. You can manage your wallet by selecting your account portrait, and navigating to Show Wallet.
This will bring up your wallet management. From here, you can add funds to you wallet and view any collectables you own.

Wallet Sign In

If you already have a wallet, you can also use a MetaMask, Coinbase, Rainbow, or WalletConnect supported wallet to log in. Click the connect button in the upper right, then follow the prompts in the pop-up to connect your wallet to Bueno.
If you experience trouble logging in, double-check to make sure you’ve downloaded any browser extensions required to connect, and if you have a pop-up blocker, make sure it is disabled for Bueno.
Last modified 2mo ago