Frequently Asked Questions

About Bueno

What is Bueno?

With Bueno, you can easily generate and deploy 10k NFT collections—no code needed. How does it work? Just upload your assets, play with rarity, set rules, preview a token set, and generate your collection in minutes. Then, deploy your smart contract with the Bueno Deployer.

Want to build a community around your NFT collection? The Buenoverse is our 2D world builder where your community can come together to chat and play.

Our Tools

The Bueno Generator is a no-code tool for creators to easily generate NFT collections. Just upload your assets, curate your collection, preview a token set, and generate your collection in minutes.

Bueno's Smart Contract Deployer makes it easy to deploy an ERC721A smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain, with no-code. The ERC-721 standard is designed for minting unique tokens, which works perfectly for the art that you generate with Bueno.

Contracts are deployed from your wallet, giving you full ownership over the contract and operations, once it is deployed.

The deployer is free to use, you just pay gas to deploy. If you choose to sell your tokens, Bueno will take 5% of primary sales, while secondary royalties are 100% controlled by you.

The Buenoverse is a 2D experience with multiple worlds built by communities, in which all NFTs are welcome. We call all these connected worlds and happenings the Buenoverse.

The Buenoverse has a live, multiplayer design tool that allows builders to create their own world in an easy way to tell stories and bring utility to their collection. For players, it’s a platform in which they interact with their communities and friends. Players can use any of their NFTs as their characters and navigate the different worlds created by different communities, chat with others, play, and just hang out.

What blockchain networks does Bueno support?

The Bueno Generator lets you format your metadata for both Ethereum and Solana networks.

The Bueno Smart Contract Deployer supports deploying ERC721A contracts to Ethereum and Polygon networks.

How much does Bueno cost?


Bueno doesn’t charge until you are ready to export your tokens. Pricing is as follows:

0.00009 ETH per token

100 tokens is 0.009 ETH

1,000 tokens is 0.09 ETH

10,000 tokens is 0.9 ETH

Pre-generated and 1/1 Token Collections

Pre-generated and 1/1 token collections follows the same pricing as our art generator to generate a tokenset.

Smart Contract Deployer

The deployer is free to use, you just pay gas to deploy. If you choose to sell your tokens, Bueno will take 5% of primary sales, while secondary royalties are 100% controlled by you.

If your mint price is free, Bueno takes nothing, as 5% of 0 is 0.


The Drops deployer is also free to use, you just pay gas to deploy. If you choose to sell your tokens, Bueno will take 5% of primary sales, while secondary royalties are 100% controlled by you.

Does Bueno support animation?

Yes! Check out our tutorials on animation in Bueno for Photoshop and Figma. Additionally, Bueno supports GIF and APNG uploads directly into the generator.

What wallets can connect to Bueno?

You can connect to Bueno using Metamask, Rainbow, Coinbase, and WalletConnect supported wallets. Although you can choose to structure your metadata for Solana, Bueno is currently only compatible with Ethereum.

Does Bueno provide IPFS service?

Yes. Bueno offers an "Upload to IPFS" feature that will upload all of your token assets and metadata to IPFS. We have a one-click upload option powered by NFTStorage, as well as a Piñata integration.

Bueno Generator

How do I upload assets to Bueno?

Before you begin, be sure you are familiar with how files must be organized in order to be properly uploaded into Bueno. To start your collection, you will need to upload the parent folder with subfolders of each of the traits in your collection. Here's an example of the file structure:

📁 Parent folder

----- 📁 Attribute name

-----------------PNGs/SVGs of each trait layer of this attribute

-----📁Attribute name

-----------------PNGs/SVGs of each trait layer of this attribute

We have detailed tutorials for organizing files with Photoshop and Figma to help you get started. 😀

Once you’ve properly organized your files, drag and drop or browse to choose your collection parent folder.

How do I prepare my assets with Procreate?

If you are using Procreate, export your assets to a PSD file, open it in Photoshop, and follow our Photoshop prep guide.

If you don't have Photoshop, ensure your assets follow the correct folder hierarchy after exporting them. Otherwise, Bueno will not be able to properly upload the files.

What files does the generator support?

Bueno currently supports SVG, PNG, JPEG, GIF and APNG formatted files.

If the artwork output format is not selected in artwork settings, the files will follow Bueno's default format settings. PNG input defaults to PNG output, SVG defaults to SVG, GIF defaults to GIF and JPEG defaults to PNG.

If you create animated tokens by uploading frames into Bueno, they will export as GIFs, regardless of starting format.

Can I upload a 1 of 1 collection into Bueno?

Yes! You can check out our tutorial here.

Can Bueno create multiples of the same token?

Yes! You can use our custom upload feature to upload multiples of the same token into the generator. You will need to make your own copies of the file before you upload them.

If you need help creating many copies of your image(s), reach out to Bueno support by selecting the speech bubble in the bottom right while you're logged in to the app.

Alternatively, you can check out our Drops deployer! The Drops deployer utilizes the ERC-1155 standard which can be used to easily create multiple editions of a single artwork.

How do I add collaborators to my project?

You can add collaborators in project settings - check out our tutorial! To add collaborators, you’ll need their Ethereum wallet address.

How do I change layer order?

When Bueno uploads your assets, you may find that the layers are out of your preferred order. But don't worry - you can change layer order with our templates feature! To find templates, navigate to Manage > Templates.

What happens if I don't have enough traits to create my token set?

If you do not have enough traits to satisfy your token set size, Bueno will let you know. Bueno will only create the maximum number of unique tokens if there are not enough traits. Bueno will not duplicate images to meet the number of tokens selected at the point of generation.

Why did my upload fail?

You will need to upload the parent folder with subfolders of each of the traits in your collection. Here's an example of the file structure:

📁 Parent folder

------ 📁 Attribute name

------------------PNGs/SVGs of each trait layer of this attribute

------📁Attribute name

------------------PNGs/SVGs of each trait layer of this attribute

For more detailed instructions, please refer to our tutorials for prepping files for Bueno using Photoshop and Figma.

How does the "always pairs with" rule work?

The "always pairs with" rule ensures that multiple traits always appear together, and never separate. The rule can be used to group two or more traits, and if a trait has a “pairs with” rule, then it will never appear by itself.

How is this rule different to the “Only mixes with” rule?

The "only mixes with" rule isn't as strict. It does not guarantee that two (or more) traits will always appear together as it only works left-to-right.

Only mixes with:

  • Blurple Color Background will only appear with Purple Body

  • Purple Body may appear with any other Color Background

  • Purple Body may appear without a Color Background

Always pairs with:

  • Blurple Color Background will only appear with Purple Body

  • Purple Body will only appear with Color Background

How does the rule affect rarity?

If a trait is paired to another then the chance of it getting picked is equal to the rarity of either traits getting picked. That's statistics at work! As a result, a trait that has a low rarity % (very rare) may become more common (less rare) if it has been paired with a trait of higher rarity.

However, if any of the traits has a fixed quantity, then paired traits will be limited to the lowest fixed value.


If your tokens are failing to generate or you notice rules aren’t behaving then we have some things you can do to help isolate the problem.

Check your rules

Use our rule analysis tool (Manage > Rules > Analyze Rules) to make sure you don’t have any conflicting rules. It’s very easy to create rules that conflict, but we try our best to find these for you.

You can also try removing rules one at a time to find which one is causing the generation to fail. You can always re-add it after.

Traits and templates

If you’re using fixed trait or template quantities, then make sure you have allocated enough traits. A template will not be used if it cannot satisfy “always pair with” rules.

Trait rarity also plays an important role. If your traits are too rare, or you have the overall attribute rarity set less than 100% it’s possible the generator will never pick your traits.

Getting more help

If you’re still stuck, please reach out to our support channel ( with a link to your collection and a description of what’s going wrong.

What file type should I use for my collection?

Bueno supports SVG, PNG, JPEG, GIF and APNG, so it is up to you! For pixel art, please use PNG format for the best quality.

What format will my files export as?

If you upload SVGs, Bueno will default export in an SVG format. You can change this by selecting the "export as PNG" toggle in artwork settings.

PNG uploads will export as PNGs up to 2400x2400px (the full resolution files are saved as well, but we don't support downloading anything larger than that at this time).

If you have multiple animation frames in either SVG or PNG format, those will export in GIF format.

GIF uploads will export as GIFs.

What happens if I re-upload my parent folder with adjustments?

If you re-upload your parent folder, the old image files will be replaced in Bueno. If the trait names are the same and the images are different, Bueno will replace the image. If the image is the same, and the trait name is different, Bueno will rename the trait. Bueno will only add a new trait if the image and name are both new.

You can refer to the upload preview to see which images and/or names will be replaced or added with the new upload.

Is it possible to generate 2 sets of images with the same traits?

Not yet, but it is on our roadmap!

How do I manage trait group rarity?

You can set the overall rarity of a trait group in manage. Select the three dots next to the trait group you’d like to edit.

Then, scroll down the pop-up window. There, you can set how often a trait group appears in your tokens.

What is metadata?

Along with your tokens, Bueno will also export your metadata to a JSON file. This file contains important data about each of your tokens, including its name, a description of its traits and its link to the hosted image.

The token name & description can be customized in the collection settings page.

You will need this metadata in order to deploy a smart contract and efficiently upload your tokens to a NFT marketplace.

Does Bueno support gradients for color styles? (Figma only)

We don't have support for gradients at this time. If you attempt to export color styles with gradients, the Bueno plugin will not export the .JSON file needed to create a color palette in the generator.

What is IPFS? Do I need it?

IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) is a common method of storing NFT data. It can be better than storing an HTTP gateway URL since it's not tied to a specific gateway provider. HTTP gateways can break, and IPFS prevents that. Think of it as a decentralized cloud-like data-sharing system.

IPFS also offers a way for you to set up a delayed reveal for your NFTs. Bueno will use a placeholder image, and you can switch to IPFS when you're ready to reveal.

Bueno offers Piñata (paid subscription) and NFTStorage (free) integrations to easily pin your data to IPFS nodes.

Uploading to IPFS is not required, and Bueno will host your NFT data reliably, for no additional cost.

How do I upload to IPFS?

Yes. Bueno offers an "Upload to IPFS" feature that will upload all of your token assets and metadata to IPFS. We have a one-click upload option powered by NFTStorage, as well as a Piñata integration.

How do I remove files from IPFS?

Once you've uploaded files to IPFS, they can be unpinned but they cannot be "deleted". This is because IPFS is decentralized, and once a file is on the network, it will be replicated & persisted by other IPFS participants.

In Piñata, you can "unpin" your tokens. This is useful if you no longer want files to count towards your Piñata usage, but as mentioned above, it will not permanently remove your files from the network.

Does it cost anything to upload to IPFS?

If you use our NFTStorage Integration, you will not be charged anything for uploading your files. If you use our Piñata integration, you might need to upgrade your account as the free tier has restrictions.

Do I have to upload to IPFS again after I regenerate the token set metadata?

Yes - if you regenerate your metadata, IPFS will still have your old metadata hosted.

Can I delete the Bueno API key from Piñata after an upload?

Yes. The API key is only used once so you can revoke it through Piñata.

My IPFS upload failed, what can I do?

If Bueno is unable to pin your tokens to IPFS, we try and provide some messages as to why, and give you the option to retry the upload.

If you chose Piñata as your IPFS storage solution, check your Piñata account usage. You may need to upgrade your account to get more storage.

If you used NFTStorage, please get in touch with support.

I want to modify my token set, but I already paid for a generation. Do I have to pay again to regenerate?

Yes. However, if the changes are small, our support team will be able to assist free of charge.

Why do my GIFs look so low-quality / bad?

GIF is a limited file format that only supports 256 colors. Because of this, higher-quality animation frames, especially images with detailed shading, will not be rendered well in a GIF. These limitations can cause artifacts in your images among other issues.

If you are unhappy with the quality of your GIFs, we suggest trying the APNG format which Bueno also supports.

What is a token external URL? Do I need it?

This is an optional field for people who would like to allow users to view token on their website.

Do I need a custom IPFS gateway prefix?

The custom IPFS gateway field is for people who already have a custom IPFS gateway. If you don't have one, you don't need to fill this out. It is optional.

Can I reserve specific tokens for airdrops?

This is possible with Bueno's hidden pinning feature. The best method is to pin the tokens at the top of your collection and airdrop them first before you open your sale. Airdrops drop tokens in regular minting order.

To prevent pinning abuse, the feature is hidden. Please request the feature by opening a support ticket in the Bueno Discord channel.

Smart Contract Deployer

I don't need to use the generator - can I still use the contract deployer?

Yes! As long as you have your image files and metadata, you can use the Bueno Contract Deployer. You can learn more about importing your pre-generated artwork into Bueno here.

Due to a recent change in policy, pre-generated collections are no longer eligible for a free token set generation. We are working on additional pricing options to make this process more accessible & safe for everyone.

Why can't I see my artwork on the Testnet?

To keep your metadata protected, your contract is deployed with "Metadata Protection" turned on.

You can turn this off in your contract management dashboard, and your real tokens will appear on the testnet when minted.

How do I upload my collection to OpenSea after mint?

Once you've deployed your smart contract, the tokens will automatically show up on Opensea as they are minted. You can manage your Opensea collection settings by logging in with the wallet used to launch the smart contract.

For more information on customizing your collection page on Opensea, you can check out their tutorial, here.

How come the banner / text / logo I uploaded to Bueno don't appear on OpenSea?

Bueno & OpenSea are two separate platforms. OpenSea will create a collection page for your smart contract automatically once they have detected a token was minted, but we aren't able to automatically customize your storefront.

You can customize the logo, banner, name, etc directly on OpenSea. Check out their tutorial, here.

How do I create different sale phases?

There are two main sale periods - pre-sale and public sale. With the Bueno deployer, you can set up multiple sale phases during your pre-sale period to run at the same time. This way, you can attach several allowlists with various settings. Learn more by visiting our sale phase tutorial, here.

Can I make changes after I deploy my smart contract?

After your smart contract is deployed, you can still edit tokens and metadata. However, once minting has started, Bueno cannot make changes to your token set without the minted tokens changing as well.

You can pause your sale at any time after you've deployed your smart contract.

Before and during mint, you can make changes to your allowlists, prices, sale phases and per wallet minting limits.

Can you mint directly from contract?

People can mint directly from the contract via Etherscan as long as you don't have an allowlist associated with the minting phase. Allow lists prevent access to data needed to mint from contract.

How does delayed reveal work?

With the delayed reveal, your token metadata will be the placeholder image that you uploaded when deploying your contract until you switch to "reveal" in your contract management page.

In order to view changes in marketplaces such as Opensea, make sure your holders hit "refresh metadata."

Is the minting page also included with the deployer?

Yes! Bueno provides fully hosted mint pages.

Will the minting widget work on my website?

The Bueno minting widget can be embedded in most website builders including Webflow, Squarespace and Wix.

Note: You may need to update your website builder subscription package in order to embed custom javascript code.

Can I deploy my contract from a collaborator wallet?

Yes! Collaborators have all the same permissions as the primary project owner.

Note: Once a contract is deployed, it can only be managed with the wallet it was deployed from.

What's the difference between a global max per wallet, and a phase max per wallet?

These maximums help control your minting flow, and you can set each one individually. They are similar but have key differences.

The global per-wallet maximum will enforce a max amount of tokens across all phases (including your public sale, if you have one). The Bueno contract will ensure that the user cannot mint more than that amount of tokens cumulatively.

The phase per-wallet maximum enforces a max amount of tokens to be minted in that particular phase. This restriction is not cumulative, which means the rule is only active for the particular phase that it is set on. Mints from other phases do not count toward this.

In cases where the global max is set lower than the phase max, the global max will override the phase max.

How do I set royalties? What about Opensea royalties?

Bueno uses EIP-2981, allowing you to put your desired royalty percentage & payout address directly onto your smart contract. It is up to the marketplace to decide whether or not they will honor these set creator royalties.

For OpenSea royalties, you must set them up from your Opensea collection settings. Opensea no longer enforces royalties, so creator fees will act as a suggestion for traders that buy art from your collection.

Is the Bueno smart contract audited?

Yes -- the Bueno contract deployer & minting contract were audited by 0xMacro. You can read the full report here.

How do I use a multi-sig wallet?

A mult-sig wallet functions almost exactly the same as an individually owned wallet. This means that you can use a multi-sig wallet just as you would any other wallet while using Bueno. The main difference is that to initiate a transaction with the wallet, all designated signers must sign to complete that transaction.

Since only one wallet address can collect royalties at a time, a multi-sig wallet is needed if you want to securely split royalties between 2 or more people.

I noticed a mistake in my artwork/metadata after mint. Can I update my tokens?

Options to update mistakes after mint are possible, but limited. Reach out to Bueno support to go over your options. From IPFS re-uploads, to manual metadata editing, we will do our best to help you every step of the way!


How many images can I upload into a Drop?

Bueno lets you add images to a drop in batches of 100 maximum, but you can continue to add as many as you'd like.

Keep in mind, Drops contracts are optimized for smaller, editions-based collections, and we do not recommend Drops for collections with more than 100 unique art pieces.

Additionally, unlike the Generative smart contract, gas prices for Drops deployment scales with the number of unique images you plan to drop.

Can I add new tokens to my contract after deployment?

Yes! You can add a new token images to your deployed Drops contract at anytime. Keep in mind, each additional artwork will cost gas to drop with your contract.

Can I change my token images, metadata or mint setting after deploying?

Yes, but only up until the first edition of a token is minted. Once minting has started, those settings are all locked in and cannot be changed in Bueno.


How can I access the Buenoverse?

You can create a Buenoverse world directly from your project dashboard! Check out our tutorial, here.

Are there building kits available?

Yes! You can access building kits from the Asset Manager.

What networks does the Buenoverse support?

Buenoverse currently supports NFTs on the Ethereum and Polygon networks.

How do I increase the size of my world?

You can increase the boundaries of your world by navigating to room settings, and increasing the % of your width and height.

How do I add a new room to my world?

You can add a new room from your project dashboard or by navigating to settings while building in your Buenoverse.

What resolution should I work with?

The Buenoverse looks best with images formatted for standard display resolution, 1920 x 1080px.

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