Pre-Generated and 1/1 Collections

We'll show you to use the Bueno generator if you've already created your token artwork.
Just interested in our smart contract deployer? Great news! 🎉 Generations for 1/1 and pre-generated collections are free!
If you already have your art files generated, or are creating a collection made up of entirely 1/1 custom tokens, you can still use Bueno to generate your collection and deploy your contract.
Before you start, put all of your artwork into one folder. If you have metadata already, then format it into a single JSON, or CSV, file and put that file in the folder as bueno-tokens. You must use this file name for Bueno to recognize and apply the metadata to your tokens.
Need help with the metadata? Check out our example below for the correct format. If you need more help, please reach out to support.

CSV example:
Custom upload example file with CSV.

JSON example:
Note: Your files' names must match the file names in your metadata in order to upload successfully.
Once your files are organized in a folder, you can create your new collection by following these steps:
1. Click the New Collection button.
2. Choose the I already have my own artwork option.
3. Enter a name for your collection and click create.
4. Click Upload Files and then drop in your folder.
5. Check the preview to make sure your tokens look correct. If you have token metadata, then click on the tokens to preview the attributes. Here, you can also choose whether or not to maintain your current token order.
6. Click upload!
Note: Uploading can take a long time if you have a lot of files.
Once uploaded, you can view your tokens in the preview tab.
When you’re ready to generate, follow these steps as normal. Generation for pre-generated and 1/1 collections are free.

Custom Upload FAQ

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