Asset Manager

With the asset manager, builders can re-use images and components they've placed in their room. To access the asset manager, navigate to the build tool bar at the top-center, and select Asset Manager.

The asset manager has three sections:

  • Images: Re-use uploaded images.

  • Components: Re-use components. Components can contain user defined hitboxes, z-indexes, interactions and more. Read more in the Components section.

  • Kits: Use predefined assets from Bueno. Builders can drop an asset in the room and itโ€™ll behave like expected right out of the box!

To add an asset, simply click it, and place it in your room.

You can access assets from other rooms in your world by typing in that room's slug in the Room field.

Note: You must have builder access for a room in order to pull assets from it.

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