Worlds and Rooms

Before we go into building fundamentals, let's start by going through the basic structure of Buenoverse - worlds and rooms.

Worlds and Rooms

Your world in Buenoverse is your first "home" room, and it will house any additional rooms that you create. The world URL is based on your Bueno project slug, so you can have one world per project in Bueno.

The URL of your world will show the world name, followed by the room name:[world]/[room]

If you have token-gated a room and a player without access tries to join, it will send the player to your "home world" room.

If the home world is also token-gated, Bueno will direct the player to the Buenoverse homepage. We recommend leaving your home world room public!


In the upper left menu, builders can edit settings for their world and room.

The room settings only apply to the current room. The world settings apply to all the rooms under your world's URL.

Room Property Settings

In the Room Properties menu, builders can select basic room settings including:

  • Room name

  • Background color

  • Room size

  • Grid size

  • Pixel size

  • Player avatar size

  • Room thumbnail image

You can also use room properties settings to convert your room to a world. If enabled, this room will not inherit properties from the parent world, such as sounds, XP, health, etc., but will have its own.

Use the Is World setting when you want to create an isolated world inside another world for something like a mini-game.

Additionally, you can use room property settings to apply world status to child rooms. If enabled, it automatically turns each direct child room into a separate world, with separate world settings.[world]/[room]/[child]

Night and Snow Modes

Night mode makes the room completely dark. The player uses a fixed light source or flashlight to navigate the darkness. Use this setting for a spooky atmosphere.

Snow mode turns on animated snow flakes. It's perfect for creating something special for the winter season!

World settings

In the World Settings section, builders can:

For more information on each of those settings, continue to the interactions section of the support docs.

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