Adobe Express

Create a Bueno Drop directly from Adobe Express with the Bueno add-on.

With the Bueno add-on for Adobe Express, you can create a new drop directly from your Adobe Express project!

The Bueno Add-on for Adobe Express is only compatible with Bueno Drops (ERC-1155), and is not compatible with generative collections (ERC-721A).

To get started, open your project in Adobe Express and select the Add-ons button at the bottom of the left-hand side bar.

Next, select the Bueno add-on from the menu. If you have not yet installed the add-on, you can use the search bar at the top.

Clicking the Bueno add-on will bring up the Bueno tool bar on the right side of your project. Here, you'll sign in with your Bueno account wallet or email address.

Once you've signed in, you can navigate to your different projects in Bueno, and create your new Drop collection in that project by selecting + New Collection.

Now, you can select the pages you'd like to export to Bueno. You can select one or multiple. Then, click the Create Collection button - Bueno will take care of the rest!

Select Launch Collection to open your Bueno Drops collection management page, and customize your drop's settings. Then, you'll follow the Bueno Drops guide as normal.

If you need to add a new page to your collection from Adobe Express, the Bueno add-on will let you add more to your past collections. Simply select the collection to which you'd like to add additional art.

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