Building Basics

Anyone who is a builder can freely modify the world in real time. Builders can add objects, interactions, portals and more to create interactive experiences.

Become a Builder

The Microverse is still in Beta, and we are adding new worlds for select communities. You can request access by opening a support ticket in the Bueno Discord server.

How to Enter Build Mode

To enter build mode, you'll first need to connect with your MetaMask wallet. You can sign in with your wallet by selecting the Connect button at the top right.
After connecting, if you have access to build in the room you will see a button in the top center that can toggle on build mode.
Enter build mode button.
Click this button and you'll see a new toolbar where you can add objects. Now you're building!
Microverse toolbar.

Adding a Builder to a Room

To add a new builder to your world, simply select your world name in the top left and navigate to Permission Groups.
Permission groups under Microverse settings.
Select Builders, and enter the wallet address of the builder you would like to add under Group Members.
Permission groups window.
Edit permission group window.

Free Scroll Mode

Free scroll mode lets you navigate around your room without walking your character. This is useful when constructing very large rooms. You can turn on free scroll mode by navigating to the toolbar.
Free scroll selection.

Free Scroll mode

With ‘Free scroll’ mode, you can easily navigate the room without having to walk your player character. It’s especially useful when building large rooms.
Activate Free scroll in: Builder menu / Miscellaneous / Free Scroll
Free scroll mode