Understanding components

Components let builders recycle elements. Once you create a component from an element, all it’s properties are saved within the component. This means, when you edit properties from the component, all instances of it will sync up automatically across the room. You can grab a component you created from the ‘Assets panel’ and place it in a room, or duplicate it by holding ALT+Drag.
Once, an element is converted to a component, it lives in a separate components room that is linked to the original room. You can view and edit all components you created from there, or edit a single component in the quick edit view.
If you re-use elements a lot and find yourself tediously updating hitboxes manually, it’s a good reason to start using components.
Creating and editing components

Edit components

  • To view and/or edit all components, click ‘Go to component’
  • To edit a single component, click ‘Edit component’
  • To unlink a component and make it a regular element again, click ‘Detach’.
Component menu

Re-use components

  • Use ALT+drag to make a copy of the component. Both stay linked to the same source.
  • Use the assets panel to get components from the current room, or from other rooms.
Re-use a component from another room