Elements are the building blocks of the Microverse.
At their simplest, they are images that you can add to a room. They can be assigned interactions and hit-boxes, and each element gets a z-index which helps position it relative to the character.
Carefully crafting your elements is key to creating an immersive feeling in your Microverse rooms.

Adding an Element

To add an element, go to the object menu and select Element. It will prompt a file dialog to select your image.
You can also drag and drop images into your world when you are in build mode.

Edit an Element

Once the element is placed in the world, click on it to edit the element. From here you can add interactions, hit-boxes and more.

Understanding z-index

An important concept for making elements feel immersive is where the z-index is set. A good rule of thumb is to set it right where the "ground" should be for that image.
To edit the z-index, click the z-index button. This will display a red line, which you can click to adjust where it is set in relation to the element.
When a player is above the z-index line, they will appear behind the element.
By placing the z-index near the top of an element, you can create elements that players can walk entirely on top of; this will make them appear as though they are flat on the ground.
Placing the z-index low at the base of the element will make the element appear as if it is sitting in the world.
When editing elements, getting the z-index set correctly will make your world feel more immersive and alive. We recommend playing around with it until it feels right for each element.