Ramps are used to let players move between floors. The example below showcases ramps in practice.
The character in this example is positioned on floor 1. Because of z-indexing, it can move behind the bookcase. But when we move the character to floor 2, it can also be on top of the bookcase.
Player on floor 1
Player on floor 2

Ramp line

To add a Ramp, go toBuild menu / Elements / Ramp
The pink ‘Ramp’ line is used as a gateway to another floor. This can be either floor 1, 2 or 3. Hitboxes have to be added on all floors to keep the player within the desired boundaries. At the position of the ramp, hitboxes overlap slightly to accommodate a smooth transition between floors. The red hitboxes correspond to floor 1 and the blue ones correspond to floor 2. To change the floor of a hitbox, use the position menu. TO add one, view the ‘Hitboxes’ section.
What happens when a player crosses a ramp?
  • When a character is on floor 1 and crosses the ramp line, it’s now on floor 2.
  • If it crosses the line again, it’s back at floor 1
Ramps in action