Spawn Points

Spawn points are the places that players will appear when they join a room.
Each room has a default spawn point where a player will first appear when joining for the first time. Rooms can also have additional spawn points which can be linked to via portals.

Adding a Spawn Point

To add a spawn point, go to the object menu and find Player Spawn.
Select Player Spawn from Microverse toolbar.
This will prompt you to click where you would like to place the spawn point. From here you can give it a name, set it as the room's default spawn point and add permissions.
The spawn point toolbar lets you edit the spawn point name, assign the default spawn point and add spawn point permissions.
Naming the spawn point is important if you want to create portals that go to it. When creating a portal, you will use this name to find the correct point to link to in a room. We recommend giving your spawn points and portals descriptive names.