World & Rooms

The Microverse is a network of worlds that contain rooms. You can easily travel between rooms and worlds by using portals.


The URL of the Microverse will show the world and the room, like this:[world]/[room]
As an example, the link has the world "gunslingers" and the room "barn".


Each world gets a default "home world" room set up when you go to a link without the room name.[world]
If you have token-gated a room and a player without access tries to join, it will send the player to this default room.
If the default room is also token-gated, it will send the player to the homepage of the Microverse, so we recommend leaving the default room public.


In the Room menu, builders can edit Room and World settings. The Room settings only apply to the current room. The World settings apply to all the rooms under the World url.
For example, the Robotos world has many rooms in it. Robotos/Robopolis
The world settings apply to all of these rooms.

Room Settings

In the Room Settings menu, builders can:
  • edit the rooms name
  • activate a grid
  • set the rooms size
  • add a background color
  • activate night mode.
Night mode makes the room completely dark. The player uses a fixed light source or flashlight to navigate the darkness.
Room settings

World settings

In the World Settings menu, builders can edit:
  • Experience levels
  • Sounds