Mint Machine

Every object has the ability to turn into a in-game mint flow, simply by adding the Mint Machine interaction to the object:
This is a semi-advanced feature, you will need to already have a ERC-721 smart contract deployed.
To learn more about creating a smart contract with Bueno you can read about it in our Smart Contract Deployer section of the docs.
Configuring the Mint Machine is simple as long as you have the required fields, such as the contract address and price, which you should have handy assuming you have already deployed your contract. Paste all of the variables into this form and save the configuration.
Once configured, players will be able to walk up to the machine and mint from the provided contract.

NPC Dialog

You can create interactive dialogs with any object in your Microverse by adding the "Dialogue" interaction:
This will open a Dialogue Builder where you can design the interaction. The dialog is set up as a decision-making tree, where each step is configurable.
You can have the player answer questions, check for trait-gated permissions, or show different steps depending on the answers or the traits.
Each block can be set to either Continue to the next block, restart the whole conversation, or end the conversation. You can set this with the drop-down menu pictured below:
If the block is set to go to the Next Block, you then can configure what the block should do.
For example, if you want to token-gate the next part of the conversation, select "Check permissions" and then edit which groups of people should be allowed through.
At each step, the NPC character can also send emotes or change graphics to feel a bit more immersive.
NPC's are one of the core building blocks to making quests. By token-gating certain information or abilities, you can set up scenarios where users have to solve puzzles or collect items in order to continue on to the next step.