Portals are main mechanic for getting around the Microverse.

Same-Room Portals

To set up a same-room portal, you will first need to configure a spawn point. Spawn points are places where characters can appear in the world after portaling. In the above example, there is a spawn point on space disk on the right side.
If you are not familiar with Spawn Points, visit the Spawn Point section to learn how to create them.
Create the portal interaction by going to Interactions > Portal and configuring it in the Modal like this
Here we have selected the "Right Portal" spawn point, and set the Portal to be "Instant". Instant portals just mean that the player wont be prompted to enter the portal, it will happen right when they run into it.

Portals to Other Rooms

To create a portal to another room, all you need to know is the URL of that room.
For example, if you want to portal to Robopolis, you will need to know the URL is - and then the Portal link part of that is the robotos/robopolis part.
If you type the correct name (in this case robotos/robopolis) into the room field, it will search for all the portals in the room. You can select the portal you wish to target and you're off to the races.
Tip: For a good player experience, try and work with the person who owns the room you are portaling to, and see if they will create a portal back to your room.
This way players can find their way back to your room.