Core Principles
When designing and coming up with new features to bring into The Microverse, we have core concepts and principles that we strive to adhere to. This list helps guide what we include as features, prioritize, and also which features we decide to leave out.



At its core, the Microverse is built so you can join with any existing NFT that you own. If it's in your wallet, it's a character that you can move around the world with. Within seconds of minting a new NFT you can use it to join the Microverse.

Freedom over control

The Microverse is agnostic to the style and gameplay of the worlds. It doesn’t dictate the art style to be used, nor the tokens to be used. We believe in the power of the community, builders, and artists. For example, any world can be done in any style. This way, artists can continue building on the art their collectors have already fallen in love with—why change it? The same applies to gameplay, story-telling, and tokenomics. We build the tools so creators use them how it fits them better.

Community over Central

The Microverse welcomes different creators to contribute in different parts of the design of worlds. The tools are easy to use, multiplayer, and in real-time. This way, anyone in a team or community can chip in creating multiple parts of the world. Writers can create the stories of NPCs, artists can make the object assets, world planners can design the world and roads, event managers can bring to life experiences, etc.


Serendipity over History

We optimize for experiences in which you had to be there to live it. Instead of recording information and having a history of everything, we encourage living life in the moment. While, we still allow people to intentionally record things in journals, letters, graffiti, art.

Familiar over Fantastic

The mechanics and rules of the Microverse are based in the real world. How things work, how people interact, are grounded in the reality we know—gravity, matter, presence, time, etc. Over time, we’ll be able to deviate from these restrictions, once people are more emerged in the microverse and the digital life is more real than the physical one.

Fun over Deep

We build experiences that feel fun and light instead of serious and profound. We believe in the idea of moving around, exploring, and finding the right spot for yourself as a player. And for builders, the tools are light and easy, so the games created are fun and experimental.

Intimate over Massive

We create small intimate experiences in which people can connect. We're a gig at a small venue—not a concert at a stadium. While worlds can be design without limits, the experience when building or playing, is zoomed in, feeling personal, as if you were there. This means that to build a road, plant a tree, or say GM, you have to be there—present with your NFT character.

Limitless over scarcity.

For world builders, we believe in the idea of allowing them to expand on their worlds without limits. The Microverse is not restricte by the skeuomorphic concept of land