Step 1: Contract Information

First, you'll need to enter some basic information about your contract, including its name, token symbol, collection tokenset and blockchain network.

Contract Name

Once your contract is deployed, this value cannot be changed. This name will be used on Etherscan next to your token symbol.

Note: After you deploy, you cannot change contract name, token symbol, token set, network, supply levels or revenue split. Changing these items will require you to scrap and redeploy your contract.

Token Symbol

This is the symbol that will represent your NFTs. When your token is minted/traded, this symbol will be used in applications such as Etherscan. We do not recommend a symbol of more than 5 alphanumeric characters.

Collection Tokenset

Currently, the only way to deploy a Bueno smart contract is with art that you generated through the Bueno product. This includes custom uploads for pre-generated art and 1 of 1 collections. Once you've finished creating your art and you've paid for an export, you'll be able to select the collection and tokenset.


Bueno supports deploying contracts on Ethereum, Base and Polygon. This will influence the currency collected during your mint -- if deployed to Ethereum or Base, the currency is ETH. If deployed to Polygon, the currency is MATIC.

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