What is The Microverse?
The Microverse is a 2D experience with multiple worlds built by communities, in which all NFTs are welcome. We call all these connected worlds and happenings The Microverse.
The Microverse has a live, multiplayer design tool that allows builders to create their own world in an easy way to tell stories and bring utility to their collection. For players, it’s a platform in which they interact with their communities and friends. Players can use any of their NFTs as their characters and navigate the different worlds created by different communities, chat with others, play, and just hang out.
Creators and communities power The Microverse. Designers can play with different token and trait-based mechanics giving their collections different abilities and access to places, events, and quests.
Communities can host different events in the Microverse like art exhibitions, music events, Twitter Spaces, treasure hunts, contests, and other fun stuff!
The Microverse is a place to have fun, be inspired, and more than anything, where people in communities can find a sense of belonging.
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