Welcome to The Microverse! 🪐

Have fun, be inspired and connect with your community in the Bueno Microverse.
The Microverse is still in an early Beta - new features are being released frequently and documentation is still in development.
Check out Robopolis to see what our Microverse builders have created!
The Microverse is a 2D experience with multiple worlds, powered by creators and communities - and all NFTs are welcome!
With the Microverse's live, collaborative design tools, builders can easily create their own worlds to tell stories and bring utility to NFT collections. Players can use any of their NFTs to navigate the worlds created by different communities, chat with others, play and just hang out.
And, as a Web3 tool, builders can work with different token and trait-based mechanics giving their token holders different abilities and exclusive access to places, events and quests.
Check out our community-driven roadmap to keep up to date with new features and request features you'd like to see!
Communities can host different events in the Microverse like art exhibitions, music events, Twitter Spaces, treasure hunts, contests, and other fun stuff.
We'll show you how to get started and create your own Microverse world. Let's get started!