Frequently Asked Questions

About Bueno

What is Bueno?
What blockchain networks does Bueno support?
How much does Bueno cost?
Does Bueno support animation?
What wallets can connect to Bueno?
Does Bueno provide IPFS service?

Bueno Generator

How do I upload assets to Bueno?
How do I prepare my assets with Procreate?
What files does the generator support?
Can I upload a 1 of 1 collection into Bueno?
Can Bueno create multiples of the same token?
How do I add collaborators to my project?
How do I change layer order?
What happens if I don't have enough traits to create my token set?
Why did my upload fail?
How does the "always pairs with" rule work?
What file type should I use for my collection?
What format will my files export as?
What happens if I re-upload my parent folder with adjustments?
Is it possible to generate 2 sets of images with the same traits?
How do I manage trait group rarity?
What is metadata?
Does Bueno support gradients for color styles? (Figma only)
What is IPFS? Do I need it?
How do I upload to IPFS?
How do I remove files from IPFS?
Does it cost anything to upload to IPFS?
Do I have to upload to IPFS again after I regenerate the token set metadata?
Can I delete the Bueno API key from Piñata after an upload?
My IPFS upload failed, what can I do?
I want to modify my token set, but I already paid for a generation. Do I have to pay again to regenerate?
Why do my GIFs look so low-quality / bad?
What is a token external URL? Do I need it?
Do I need a custom IPFS gateway prefix?
Can I reserve specific tokens for airdrops?

Smart Contract Deployer

I don't need to use the generator - can I still use the contract deployer?
How do I upload my collection to Opensea after mint?
How do I create different sale phases?
Can I make changes after I deploy my smart contract?
Can you mint directly from contract?
How does delayed reveal work?
Is the minting page also included with the deployer?
Will the minting widget work on my website?
Can I deploy my contract from a collaborator wallet?
Is the per wallet maximum the same as the per transaction maximum?
How do I set commissions? What about Opensea comissions?

Microverse (Closed Alpha)

How can I access the Microverse?
Are there building kits available?
What networks does the Microverse support?
How do I increase the size of my world?
How do I add a new room to my world?
What resolution should I work with?
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