Managing Assets

Learn how to manage your assets in Bueno.

Once you upload your files into Bueno, you can manage your assets by navigating to Manage > Attributes.

If you need to re-upload your entire parent folder, you can do so from the Upload button in the top right. To add a new attribute group, select + New and upload your attribute folder.

From this section, you can also use the search function to quickly find traits and choose how you'd like to organize your assets. To the right of the search bar, you can choose between full sliding or notched rarity sliding, and you can pause or play your animated traits.

Your traits will all be displayed under the attributes names. Open the attribute menu by selecting the three dots next to the attribute name. You can also add new trait image files to the attribute from this pop up.

From the edit attribute window, you can rename your attribute, edit traits and metadata, as well as create an attribute alias. The edit attributes window also lets you edit trait rarity and attribute group rarity. For more information about rarity, check out our rarity tutorial.

The trait menu lets you replace trait files, move traits to different asset groups and apply filters. You can also switch off metadata for individual traits.

Under the individual traits, you can edit the trait name and choose between rarity percentage or fixed quantities. You can learn more about fixed quantities in our rarity tutorial.

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