Custom tokens

Sometimes you want to create a unique 1/1 token in your set. We will show you how in Bueno!

Want to insure a particular combination of traits shows up in your token set? How about an ultra-rare token with characteristics or combinations that are totally unique? You can use Bueno’s custom token feature to create 1/1 tokens!

To create a custom token, first, navigate to Manage > Custom Tokens, then select + New Custom Token. You also have the option to bulk import new files to create truly unique 1/1s.

From the token edit window, you can name your token, select desired traits, rearrange layers by clicking and dragging, and turn layers on or off. The option to upload a custom token file is also available from the edit window.

Next, go to the preview tab and regenerate your token set. The custom token filter will show up at the top of the filters menu on the left for easy viewing.

If you really like a trait combination and don't want to lose it with a new generation, you can also save any token from the preview menu as a 1/1. just click on the token you want to save to bring up the token's preview window.

Custom Tokens and Metadata

Your 1/1 tokens will not be identified as custom tokens in the metadata. If you build a custom token from your available attributes, only that attribute metadata will appear in the final generation.

If you upload a new file for your 1/1, you'll have the chance to manually customize the name of the traits that you would like to include in the metadata.

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