In this video, Pablo shows you how to set token rarity. Continue to Session 6: Creating Rules to learn about setting rules for your collection.

You can set the rarity of each individual trait within your attributes by navigating to Manage > Attributes.

Set the rarity by dragging the percentage slider below each trait. You can toggle between the notched and smooth rarity sliders at the top right. When you drag the slider, the percentages of the other traits will automatically adjust accordingly.

You can also set the overall rarity of an attribute group. Select the three dots next to the attribute you’d like to edit, and navigate to Edit Attribute.

Then, scroll down the pop-up window. There, you can set how often a trait group appears in your tokens.

Fixed Quantities

If you’d like to be more precise about the number of times specific traits appear in your collection, you can set exact numbers in the manage tab as well.

Allocating fixed quantities is the best way to limit the availability of a trait, but can slow down generations when used excessively.

We will walk you through the process with a simple collection of 10 tokens. For this example, we want 5 Body: Blue and 6 Clothes: Bag to appear in our token set. You can set those quantities by typing in the exact number, as shown below:

Once you’ve set your exact quantities, Bueno will follow all rules you’ve set in Manage > Rules.

In this example, we’ve set a rule so the Body: Blue only mixes with Clothing: Bag. This means that all Blue body tokens will have Bag clothing, and no other possible clothing traits.

When the token set preview has been regenerated, you’ll see that our token set has 5 Blue bodies, all wearing Bag.

Since we set the quantity of Bag to 6, one additional randomized body color will appear with Bag clothing. You’ll see she’s really easy to spot!

Now we have a basic understanding of how fixed quantities and rules work, let’s go through a more complex example. What if your rules prevent Bueno from generating your fixed quantities?

We’ll start with a collection of 1,000 tokens for this example, and set the quantity of Body: Blue to 500 and Clothing: Bag to 200.

We will keep the old rule from our first example - Blue body only mixes with Bag clothes. As you can already guess, we are going to run into a problem right away once we regenerate the preview!

Since Bueno can’t pair all 500 Blue bodies with a supply of 200 Bag clothes, it will instead only generate 200 Blue bodies.

Keep your rules in mind when setting fixed quantities; rules will always have higher priority than fixed quantities!

Additionally, fixed quantities do not impact decisions with other token properties (templates, components, colors). If you set a fixed quantity for one of these it will only impact that particular attribute/trait decision. Decisions are made in this order:

  1. Templates

  2. Components

  3. Colors

What does this mean?

If you set a fixed quantity for a component, it will not impact the template decisions. This means you could end up with less traits than you had set.

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